SEO services: Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore & Tweed Heads

SEO consulting services for businesses on the northern Rivers and NSW North Coast: Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah.


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Get more customers by appearing higher in Google search results via search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation philosophy

Our SEO consulting philosophy is simple. We get your website ranking as high as possible so you get more customers.

Our company goal is to ensure that pages on your website are highly visible on the first page of search results so it will rank for the most relevant terms for your business. In addition to generic terms like SEO, we also focus on location based search like SEO Byron Bay. This means your pages will be found for the products you offer in the locations you service. Additionally, we focus on long tail terms where the user is asking something more specific and using more words. For example: What is search engine optimisation able to do for me?

SEO for targeting locations you service

You can target SEO efforts for any and all locations in Australia. Anywhere in the world really. Your business may operate in the northern rivers, but the Internet is everywhere. We can effectively target anywhere you need to have a presence.

But we are local SEO experts, and able to reach potential customers close to where your business is located.

Byron Bay SEO

Let’s face it, Byron Bay is a popular place to visit. If you have a business in Byron chances are the cost of business reflects that popularity. SEO for Byron Bay is no different, so you have to be search engine competitive to achieve page one ranking.

Ballina SEO

The tricky thing about targeting Ballina for SEO is there is a town called Ballina in Ireland. See for yourself. Do a Google search for SEO consultant Ballina and look at the results. You’ll see European websites taking up a lot of space.

Lismore SEO

SEO in Lismore isn’t as competitive as a search term but the region covers many suburban areas. Goonellabah, Wollongbar, Lindendale and Tregeagle are some of the areas needing strong SEO focus to cover all bases.

Tweed Heads SEO

If you are going to target Tweed Heads for SEO you may as well throw in Coolangatta, Banora Point, Bilambi Heights, Kingscliff and Chindera to effectively target the region. Or you could go all out and SEO all of the Gold Coast.

Nimbin SEO

Nimbin is another popular northern rivers region. When targeting Nimbin for SEO it’s important to consider activism and alternative lifestyle as the most relevant keywords to target from a search perspective – and a lot more 🙂

Murwillumbah SEO

Given it’s close proximity to Mt Warning, and surrounding rain forest, focusing efforts on Retreats and accomodation around Murwillumbah will yield great dividends. Uki, Chillingham and Tyalgum are definite inclusions.

Why we’re the best SEO company for you

Our company provides a complete range of SEO services and has achieved proven success in the automotive, finance, medical, and technology industry verticals. We get pages ranking in Google fast, and can do the same for your business. We tailor the best search engine marketing strategy for your business, so you get the most out of your marketing budget. Here’s how we do it.

Expert SEO services tailored to suit your business

We do thorough keyword research to ensure the search terms you are ranking for are relevant to users. For example: “Product Type in Location” is what you need because it’s an extremely relevant term if you sell pizzas in Byron Bay. But maybe you specialise in a particular type of pizza – say gluten free. The keywords you need to rank for then are “gluten free pizza Byron Bay”.

These are known as a long tail search terms and are the real nuggets of gold because your competitors most probably aren’t factoring these into their content. We do the research so you know exactly what your customers are typing into Google search!

On page optimisation is a key element of search engine optimisation. HTML code must be best practice. Search engines use web crawlers to scan the web for content so it can be indexed in search results. Websites can control what content web crawlers can access and what to do with it by sending certain web signals using HTML tags and Meta tags.

Incorrect use of HTML Meta tags may block access to search engines altogether. We ensure this does NOT happen by using these tags the correct way.

Get a complete SEO audit to ensure your website is search engine friendly.

There are over half a billion websites on the World Wide Web and Google has indexed most of them in its search results. Search engines link these sites in such a way that when a particular term is entered the most relevant pages appear so users can access the content they need.

Most of these websites are nothing more than white noise, but some are authorities in very specific areas. The higher the authority means the higher web pages will rank for the search terms relevant to that particular content theme.  Linking to high authority websites is essentially a vote of confidence for that content. Hence, a link back (or back-link) to your site is a vote of confidence for yours.

Building a portfolio of high quality back-links will improve PR/page rank for your website and ultimately result in more customers.

We provide a content creation service and there is a very good reason we do. Content written poorly, or not relevant to users, will NOT index well in search engines.

Web content must be easy to read, and must also include the targeted term in order to generate SEO traffic.

The goal of a content creator is to effectively communicate a clear message to the target audience. The words on a web page need to be carefully crafted and assembled to elicit the desired emotional response. You should also include targeted keywords within the story.

Our SEO consulting services are designed to help you grow your business. Whether that be generating a business lead, newsletter or other type of subscription, or online sale. We ensure your online sales funnel is operating effectively by providing you with the best conversion optimisation service possible. From search query to transaction we will ensure your website provides potential customers with a clear path to purchase.

There are over 200 signals Google uses in determining where pages rank in search results. Technical SEO is a huge ranking factor. Technical optimisation resolves: Duplicate content, canonicalization, redirects, and the latest inclusion – site speed. We can do a full technical analysis and fix most issues.

Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there as a result.

We provide analytics reporting, which tells you how your search engine marketing campaigns are performing. We use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Key metrics in SEO reporting include:

  • Search impressions – how many times your pages appeared for a specific term
  • Clicks on Google Search results
  • Click to landing % (Clicks that actually made it to your site)
  • Tracking conversion back to the keyword entered by the user

Tell us what metrics you need and we’ll deliver!

SEO consulting

Our team provides expert SEO consulting services to large enterprises looking to gain an edge over the competition on the web. We deal with large scale transaction-based websites, web based publishing platforms and just about any other kind of website that needs to improve search ranking and increase traffic.

Get in contact, or give us a call on 1300 097 916, and our SEO expert will analyse your website free of charge.