Media Sales Strategy

Frequency Digital caters to digital publishers in high volume advertising environments. Our services include providing more effective digital media sales strategy for publishers by bringing advertisers and buyers together within highly engaging digital environments. We understand there is a difference between responsive design and native applications, and that each may require a unique solution to achieve objectives.

The inherent digital media challenge

Publishers have been to gain the advantage

In 2006, the most prominent digital publishers led the way as the industry matured from selling ads at any price to more strictly controlled yield management, switching focus to effective monetisation of their brands. The banner was about to play second fiddle to integrated solutions, and there was a huge expectation from agencies to deliver on value. Meanwhile, CPMs continued their decline.

The result: Brands are now self-publishing.

Smart media sales strategy produces higher yields

Since then we’ve spent our time wisely. Working across agency and client marketing departments consulting on both earned & paid media – across Display, Search and Social. This approach has provided us with first hand knowledge when it comes to the needs of buyers and sellers of advertising.

Frequency Consulting delivers more effective digital media sales strategy – improving you bottom line.

We deliver…

  • Sales arguments

    To satisfy the needs of both agency and client

  • Market leading proposals

    High quality proposals in response to client/agency briefs

  • Pro-active pitching

    Unique, pro-active pitch documents & media sales solutions

  • Engaging ad products

    The capacity to develop effective cross platform solutions

  • Yield mangement

    Competitive rate cards, price position and page yield

Your closure/sell-through rates, page yield and trade position will benefit when you engage us.
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