About Frequency Digital

Frequency Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency dedicated to servicing small to medium businesses in the northern rivers of NSW. We build, manage and market websites so that when people are searching for business like yours on the web you’ll be easily found. This means more customers for your business!

Search engine optimisation, digital strategy across all web-based platforms, business development and sales strategy, project management for website development, and professional services to SMEs and digital publishers

Frequency Digital understands the business landscape, and aims to level the playing field by creating a system for your business to thrive in the existing environment. We also take the view there is more to life than work, and one of our aims is to bring about a sense of balance to what you do in and out of the workplace.

We take a scientific approach to managing the detail while maintaining an intuitive approach for the bigger picture. We’ll help streamline your processes to ensure whatever you’re working on is operating at its optimum level. Our three-step approach to problem solving will help overcome the big challenges: Break down the problem, identify the root cause, and apply effective countermeasures.

Normally success is only achieved through trial and error. Having dealt with global giants in news media and the automotive category, Frequency Digital is able to bring ‘top end of town’ knowledge and sound strategic thinking to your business for a fraction of big business investment.

Frequency Digital understands the business landscape, and aims to level the playing field by creating a system for small-to-medium enterprises to thrive on the web.

We provide expertise only seen at the enterprise level. Your business will gain access to bleeding edge technology that allows your business to effectively compete in your particular vertical.

We understand that business operators don’t just work 9-5, and the web never sleeps. We provide ongoing account management when you need it

  • Skype Support (10 AM to 10 PM)
  • Phone Support (10 AM to 10 PM)
  • Email Support (24×7)

We’re located in the Northern Rivers region and normally come to your business. Call or email to arrange a meeting. If you need to find us in the meantime:

  • 1300 097 916
  • frequencydigital@gmail.com

Talk to us today – call 1300 097 916 or send us a note. We sort out the digital side of things so you can focus on what you do best.